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Over the last few days I have been trying to decide what to write my next blog post on and then, out of the blue and with a little help from a certain fresh-faced Labour MSP, there it was.

Now, as some of you will no doubt be aware, Neil Bibby MSP was running a poll on his website asking whether people thought that Scotland should be independent. He is certainly not the first person to run this poll. It is, after all, the question that is on everybody’s lips. What was special about this poll was that it showed absolutely overwhelming support for Independence. Now I am sure that everyone accepts that an online poll is not the most scientific means to measure support. Nevertheless, when faced with a result of around 94% in favour of Independence (in fact, when I looked it was 94.4%), instead of laughing it off Mr Bibby and the Labour Party rather embarrassingly decided to take the whole site down.

At the time of writing this post the site is still down:

I have therefore decided, in the spirit of democracy, to revive the poll and I would even encourage Neil Bibby to be one of the first to log on and cast his vote.


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