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You will have to forgive my extended absence from blogging over the past few weeks. Normal service shall be resumed shortly.

In the meanwhile I thought I would go slightly off topic with this post following the latest pronouncement from Mr Trump.

In case it escaped your notice Glenfiddich has just held its “Spirit of Scotland” Awards where they recognise various individuals across Scotland for their contributions over the past year. There were many notable winners in the different categories from sporting greats such as Sir Chris Hoy, Katherine Grainger and Andy Murray, musician and singer, Julie Fowlis and actress Kelly MacDonald.

Unsurprisingly however it was the public voting for Mr Trump’s arch-nemesis, Michael Forbes of the Menie Estate that caused his ire, proclaiming the result as an embarrassment to Scots and that the vote must have been rigged.

So my question is a simple one. Is Donald Trump correct? And I thought I would keep the question in a style that everyone is familiar with…


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